Bibi in Bulk

(another name Tita, peanut worm).

It deserves to be in the list of the best baits, either for the ease of its availability, and for the exceptional attractive power which has up on all the preys, is BIBI/ TITA worm.

Its skin can vary from pink to yellow-cream color with phosphorescent reflections and, the liquid inside its body, which is the most important thing, that has the attractive power towards all the preys; this is the nectar of the striped sea bream, of the European sea bass, of the gilthead sea bream and of the white sea bream.

Bibi has 4 sizes: XL size (15-20 cm length), L size (10-12 cm length), M size (7-9 cm length) and S size (5-6 cm length).

Packing: Bibi is packed in plastic boxes 40/ 50 gr net /small box or 200- 400 gr/ big box.

*Storage: Bibi worm can live to 7 days at temperature 15-20°C.