Super Cordell

Super Cordell worm is a marine polychaete worm belonging to the Lumbrineridae family. Its color is pink, orange or red. Worm’s body has about 180 segments, within 60 mm length. It is sold in two pieces inside small plastic boxes with ventilation holes. This worm might be stored at room temperature until almost one month.

Cordelle attract many kinds of fishes due to its color and smell such as Sea basses, gilthead sea bream, sea bream, striped sea bream, flat fishes, and rock fishes.

In fishing, Cordelle must be cut into smaller trunks to fit on the hooks, beginning always from the tail; it doesn’t lose its liquid and stays “active” for long time.

*Packing: 40 or 50 gr net / box.

*Storage: Cordelle worm can live to 1 month at temperature 20-30 °C. Attention, it does not withstand temperatures below 20 ° C.